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A Breath of Fresh Air: Hermiña’s Kamayan

It’s been more than a year since we had our last article for a certain diner or restaurant in San Pablo City, Laguna. There are a couple of new foodies spot that loomed lately. But unfortunately, our time is also limited. Despite all limits, we feel obliged to write something for this new spot which is definitely a breath of fresh air – Hermiña’s Kamayan.

We are on the way to our usual spots at T. Azucena when we saw this newly opened restaurant. We feel the urge to try it. Goodness, the new discovery did not fail us.

Time of Visit: Varies

No. of Persons: 2-3 pax

Foods and Prices

Due to the vibes of the place, we thought twice about the rates. It seems higher than our usual meal budget. But we were wrong. The rates are just in the midrange (actually lower than the average meal that we used to buy).

During our first visit, we ordered grilled liempo and atay-balunan. No balunan is available at that time (though we’re not really after the balunan). Of course, we willingly approved the atay-atay option.

We were so pleased with the servings of our orders. Both the liempo and atay were served as two big portions of each. The grilled liempo seems to be the all-time favorite of the crowd. On the other hand, their atay-atay (chicken liver) tastes really amazing also – soft with maintained rich taste.  We also ordered ensaladang mangga. We had difficulty finishing our meals as we were so full. Our total bill for that satisfying meal: Php240.

Hermiña’s Kamayan Liempo

On our next visit at Hermiña’s Kamayan, we opted to try another regular meal options: longganisa and tilapia. We were so amazed to see how big each longganisa is. We have never seen any longganisa that is as oversized as that. Literally, each longganisa is longer than the diameter of the rice. Imagine consuming two of those. And the inihaw na tilapia is unexpectedly big for its price. Both are well-prepared and tastes really great! Our total bill at that time: Php180 only.

Hermina's Kamayan Longganisa

Like other restaurants, Hermiña’s Kamayan serves unlimited free soup. But unlike any of them, Hermiña’s Kamayan gives free yummy candies after the meal. Hello, sweet tooth! Their rice meals always come with a small portion of onion, alamang, and tomato side dish. You could also opt to add Php20 to take advantage of unlimited rice.


Herminia’s Kamayan has a homey vibe. Even though it’s summer at that time of this writing and it is dangerously hot outside, the spot is well-ventilated. Their space allows fresh air to circulate and ease the heat. The color temperature inside adds up to the atmosphere. Moreover, the spacing of their tables is just enough for everyone to move freely. Their tables and chairs leave an impression of Mang Inasal feel.

Adding up to the laidback feel are their entertainment decors: TV and/or chill music playing in the background. The sounds from either are not at all disruptive.

For smoking buddies, they have designated smoking area. This is also one-of-a-kind for a typical food establishment in San Pablo City. Commonly, restaurants with small spaces do not apportion smoking area for their patrons. This drives unruly smokers to smoke elsewhere.

Parking space may not be much of an issue. Even though they have a small parking space for cars and motorcycles, Hermiña’s Kamayan is located at one of the widest streets in downtown San Pablo – Barleta Street (the upper part).

Since this is a kamayan restaurant, you won’t be bothered to eat with your bare hands. If you’re just lazy to wash your hands, they offer plastic hand gloves. Their wash area is open and easy to find for everyone who wants to enjoy their kamayan experience with their bare hands. Its wall is painted with the colorful hand palm marks. It complements the nearby equality wall, the symbolism of what Hermiña’s Kamayan mostly represents – the LGBT community.

Services and Staffs

As you enter the premise, the staffs would definitely welcome you with their warm smiles along with the menu list. They would eagerly answer your questions about the foods. Then, someone would definitely serve you with the soup, the meal, whatever extra order you have, and the free candies (in order). Yeah, we really love their free candies.

Everything is also arranged on the table. All tables have tissues. The food comes automatically with condiments suited for the meal. Not sure if it is usual for them. But the staffs are also the ones who get the spoon and fork as well as the glass for you.

You may have probably imagined what the whole thing looks like. The staffs at Hermiña’s Kamayan are mostly members of LGBT community (but not all). They are very friendly and everyone serves professionally and attentively.

Hermina's Kamayan Busy Days


In spite of the increasing number of restaurants in San Pablo City, Hermiña’s Kamayan is definitely one of the best in terms of budget, taste, atmosphere, services, and actually all. Kudos to Sir Meong, Sir Mhel, and to all of their staffs for their hardwork and amazing meals! Highly recommended! Hermiña’s Kamayan would certainly leave a spot in your mouth.

Contact Details:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HerminiaMance/

Address: # 9 Barleta St, Brgy. 4-B, San Pablo City

Contact No.: +63 915 577 2607

Hours: Daily (10am – 10pm)

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