A View at Yambo Lake: Cusina de Sabang 602

Cusina de Sabang is one of the restaurants known in San Pablo City. Everyone must have heard of it, but I bet not all have dared to try. If you have heard of the seven lakes in San Pablo City, then this may strike a chord: Bunot Lake. Cusina de Sabang is located at the lakeside of Bunot Lake.

Time of Visit: around 4:30 PM

Actual No. of Pax: 2

Foods and Prices

Since we got there in the mid-afternoon, we looked forward for a snack. Unfortunately, Cusina de Sabang does not offer nibbles like sandwiches. They have Halo-Halo though. My husband and I decided to have an early dinner instead.

I have to say that the foods are quite pricey for two persons. At first, we ordered Crispy Pata (one of their famous recipes). Their Crispy Pata costs around Php415. For two budget-conscious consumers, it could be too much. Yet, the price and amount of their fare could be great for groupies and families.
Fortunately, I revisited their menu and found Sinigang na Baka. This is cheaper than Crispy Pata (around Php250 vs. Php415). We waited for around 20 minutes ’til they serve our order. We are the only waiting customers at that moment, so I could not really judge if that is their normal lead-time. Their rice is well cooked and their Sinigang na Baka is remarkably good. (I rarely see Sinigang na Baka offered in most of the restaurants).


Cusina de Sabang is a good place if you need privacy and quiet. It is very close to nature. Their parking space is well shaded with trees. Moreover, it is located at the lakeside. The drapes accentuate the peaceful mood of the area. In contrast, I wish they would upgrade their seats.

The spot is still accessible from the main road, but you could scarcely pick up the noise from the vehicles. Good thing, commercialization is not a major concern along Bunot Lake.

Since Cusina de Sabang is just alongside the lake, be ready to run into insects and mosquitoes. When I used their restroom, I was surprised to mosquitoes all over the place.

After having our meal, we stayed there for a few minutes for some break and photo taking. Indeed, Bunot Lake is a lovely view. However, we could not find a good snap of Bunot lake. The walkway between the gate of Cusina de Sabang and Bunot Lake is too narrow for extra poses.


Their staffing may need improvements. There is almost no interaction with their staffs (other than placing orders and paying bills)). They probably need drills on proactive selling or social contact (not with their colleagues, but with their customers). Yes, that could be a good thing. Yet, social interaction is demanded for restaurants that bank on their ambiance.

If you want to ask if there is a Wi-Fi connection, I honestly do not know, as there is no provided information (written or verbal). Maybe the signs are not noticeable.
When we were leaving, I suddenly realized that they provided an electric fan for the other regulars (who just left when we arrived). Moreover, no one even made an effort to turn off the fan or even ask us if we would need one. Well, they could have taken it too easy.


This is one of the distinctive restaurants in San Pablo City due to its physical setting and foods. This is certainly worth trying for those who wants to bask in the relaxation and for those who want to have picnic.

Next time, we will check out their Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, and special pancit canton.

Contact Details:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cusinadesabang/
Address: Cusina de Sabang 602, # 602 Sabang Road, Concepcion, 4000 San Pablo City
Contact No.: +63 921 343 6728 | +63 (049) 5730462
Email Address: [email protected]
Hours: 10AM – 8PM (Tuesdays to Sundays)

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