A Classy Carinderia: Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo

If you are a frequent traveler that passes by Santo Tomas, Batangas, Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo could be one of the recognizable establishments that you may see. Before, their parking space along the highway is packed with trucks. However, years passed and they gained a wide range of regulars. You may see people with high-end cars stopping by to try what they offer in their store.

Just lately, we passed by Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo when we are on our way to Cabuyao, Laguna. We were surprised by how it looks after several months. The view from the public road has improved big time! We decided to save our hunger for the dinner in the classy carinderia.

Mando and Elvie's New Spot

Time of Visit: around 5:30 PM

Actual No. of Pax: 2

Foods and Prices

Due to the apparent structural improvement, we thought twice about the rates. One could think that it may have shoot up. As we approach inside the carinderia, the same set of folks are there. Just to make sure, we tried to ask for the prices of some of their foods. Great, the prices are still the same!

We ordered Bulalo (since it is their specialty as their eatery’s name claim and we haven’t tried it before). Their Bulalo costs Php280. Two or more persons could share it. The beef and marrowbone combinations are enough for the price. We got two big portions of beef and marrow. In addition, it tastes very good. It would certainly leave a spot in your mouth.

Mando and Elvie's Bulalo

They just don’t offer Bulalo. They also have other picks (pork, chicken, beef, and even goat recipes). Also, they have seafood, fish, and vegetable choices. All of the prices are within your means. Their karekare and kinilaw na tanigue are one of the best that we have tested. My husband usually doesn’t eat fish, but I took notice that he surely appreciated the kinilaw na tanigue.

As compared with the old version of Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo, they removed the bananas on the table. I bet you could still ask for bananas if you want. There’s still free soup served up for everyone.

Their prices are inexpensive (could be a tad pricey than other regular carinderia). But, it’s way economical than your decent restaurants.

Here’s the link to their menu list.


Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo has changed it’s physical image. In the past, it may look like your regular traveler-friendly carenderia. You’d see numbers at the side of each table. Moreover, once you’re done with your meal, you just need to go to the cashier to settle your bill. In addition, you would just see parking attendants that would guide you where to park. Their car parks is quite limited.

However, the management could have acknowledged that there are lot of rooms for improvements. When you see the entrance of the carinderia, its outside view may tell you what to expect. The name of the eatery is clearly advertised outside.

You would get the impression of your usual Filipino restaurant. They have changed their monobloc chairs and tables with wooden fixtures. The color temperature is unfailingly stylish. Now, they also have the upper floor for large crowds, or perhaps for special events.

Worry no more about flies. They may not have adopted aircondition for the place. However, the ceiling fans are just enough to fend off insects and to cool you down while eating your favorite dish.

Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo still have their pasalubong varieties. And it has greatly upgraded on this aspect as well. You would have your picks organized on the shelves. You just have to select and pay your bill at the pasalubong counter.


This carinderia has been getting better all along. I mean it. They upgraded not just their place, but also their customer service. The security guard amiably greeted us. Dish selection remains the same. Don’t hope for someone to approach you with the menu list. You would have to get your tray, choose among the available foods, and order rice. If you buy Bulalo, give them a few minutes to prepare. At that time, they issued an order number for us and we paid for the bills right away. We gave our payment to the waiter. She advised us not to hand over the order number unless the order and the change has been given. The waiter gladly paid the damages on the counter. We had our complete order and change in less than 10 minutes.

Everything are also arranged on the table. All tables have tissues. When our food arrived, it comes automatically with condiments suited for Bulalo. You would have to get your water from the dispenser at the side. We opted to request for a soft drinks (the smallest regular size of Mountain Dew in plastic bottle) from the waiter. We just handed the payment again and she willingly paid it on the counter. When our soft drinks arrived, it also came with two glasses served with ice.

Before we go, I also checked out their female restroom and it was simply first-rate. They have bidets. The toilet flush is working well. They have around five well-maintained cubicles for women. On the other hand, my husband complained about the men’s restroom as it stinks badly. We just hope that they would have some sort of checklists as applied in famous fast foods.

Anyway, you don’t have to be concerned with the security of the carinderia as they have hired a security guard. Their parking attendants are still at your service to escort you. We just hope that they’d finish their parking space construction soon enough.


Our latest foodies experience in Mando and Elvie’s Batangas Bulalo has been impressive. Food costs are still reasonable; you don’t have to worry about your budget. This carinderia is exceptional as compared with the other carinderias in the neighborhood. However, some improvements could still be adopted. One of the main thing that they could consider is setting up a Facebook page.

Contact Details:

Facebook page: Official Page
Address:  Brgy. San Miguel, Santo Tomas, Batangas (beside Pepsi-Cola facility)
Contact No.: +63 939 872 6623
Email address: [email protected]
Hours: Daily from 6 AM to 10:30 PM

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