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Hemorrhoids (Almoranas) in the Philippines and the Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream

Many Filipinos are going through the nightmares of hemorrhoids or piles (almoranas, almuranas in Tagalog). It is not just a Filipino matter as it is a universal issue. Studies show that around 75% of adults would bump into this problem at some point in their adult lives. Shockingly, even young adults nowadays tend to deal with the same medical condition. It may be one of the nasty stuffs and could be a very awkward topic for sufferers. Let’s touch that topic and what Mayinglong is.

Hemorrhoids (Almoranas) in the Philippines

 Filipinos love eating spicy foods. It is a common scapegoat for the occurrence of these hemorrhoids (almoranas). Yet, this assertion seems to be a mere myth. Eating chili seeds may pass through the intestine. It may then cause irritation during bowel movements. Apart from that, there was even no scientific basis to blame the anti-inflammatory chili to hemorrhoids incidence. Rather, obesity and eating low-fiber diets are likelier to give you this agony. These conditions may eventually progress to chronic constipation.

Hemorrhoids Cause Symptoms Prevention Treatment Mayinglong

Your family history or genetics may highly contribute to the high risk of suffering hemorrhoids. It is a personally proven point. Some of our progenitors and current family members suffer the same plight.

Other normal cause for hemorrhoids are habitual straining during bowel movements (especially when constipated) and lifting heavy objects. For the female population, pregnancy has also shown high association with the development of hemorrhoids, particularly in the third trimester. Any of theactivities that put pressure on your anal area that could feasibly enlarge theveins therein warrants possible cause of hemorrhoids.

Age is also one of the factors. Yet, the younger generations also suffer the same condition, regardless of the age. There are other instances that hemorrhoids progress due to unknown reasons, especially for younger ones (even as early as 3 years old).

Signs of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a physical condition that may be present inside (internal hemorrhoids) or outside (external hemorrhoids) the rectum. It could also be both. Hemorrhoids are sac-like lump around the anus and lower rectum. These are actually swollen veins. External hemorrhoids and even prolapsed internal hemorrhoids are visible from the outside. However, usual internal hemorrhoid remains in the anus and, thus, is not visible.

Many people feel pain (others do not). Some experience painless rectal bleeding or manifestation of blood in the stool during bowel movements (others do not). Anal itching may also be one of the indicators of hemorrhoids. This is also common with other conditions. If you suspect that you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it would still be best to confirm it with medical diagnosis and tests.

Treatment Approaches in the Philippines

Many Filipinos still dread the sight of doctors. This logically leads to self-treatment with home remedies like sitz bath (warm bath with Epsom salt), guava leaves, cold ice application, fiber supplements, aloe vera, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, pomelo, and other stuff that are customarily used. There are also available over-the-counter (OTC) ointments and oral medicine (e.g. Daflon and other Asian hemorrhoid relief brands) here in the Philippines. Preparation H ointment, Hem Control supplements, and other OTCtreatments are nowhere sold locally even on major drugstores.

If there is no success with home remedies, then one should highly consider a medical specialist consultation. Doctors typically prescribe oral medicines and ointments for the patients. Even so, if none of the prescribed treatment works or if the condition becomes severe, doctors may recommend hemorrhoidectomy.

Hemorrhoidectomy is a normally costly surgery operation to remove internal or external hemorrhoids. Cost also differs depending on several factors such as the doctor’s professional fee, hemorrhoid grade, hemorrhoidectomy type and procedure, and others. Government financial help is available, though. Philhealth members that have paid at least nine (9) months’ worth of premiums may enjoy the benefits. Philhealth can cover an amount of Php 6,720 for the doctor’s professional fee and Php 5,400 for the hospital costs. That sums up toPhp 12,120 Philhealth coverage for this surgery. Not bad! Be warned also that hemorrhoids may still recur even after surgery.

IIf you are still looking for possible means to save yourself from those hemorrhoids or almoranas, we may give you another verified alternative. Keep on reading.

Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream

Mayinglong Hemorrhoids Ointment

Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream has been an internet spectacle since 2016 due to the rave reviews from actual users in the US. To date, its stunning feat against hemorrhoids has approval ratings of 4.1 out of 5 stars provided by 1,288 users. It remains to be a popular hemorrhoids remedy these days. 

Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream is a rose-colored musky Chinese herbal ointment cream. It has been in the market for hundreds of years in China but not under a formal corporation. Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. (HQ: China, est. 1582) now carries the manufacturing and sale of this product.

Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd.  turned into a joint-stock company with a capital branch in Hongkong. It has been trading on Shanghai Stock Exchange. As compliance with international standards, it has passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management System) certifications. Thus, the company that carries Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream did not just come out of thin air.

Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream Ingredients

China is very famous for its ancient medicines. The ingredients, however, range from basic herbal plants to super peculiar stuff (like seahorses, crocodile meat, and so on). Let’s see if we can find one here. Anyway, Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream ingredients are as follows:

  • Moschus – activates blood circulation, reduces swelling, and relieves pain (originally from musk deer, preferably synthetic form now)
  • Bovis Calculus –clears heat, removes toxins and contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (originally from cattle’s gallbladder stone, preferably synthetic form now)
  • Margarita (HyriopsisCuming II)- (the powdered form of pearl) relieves pain and demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties
  • Borneolumsyntheticum –used as a local anesthetic, skin tonic, sedative, and antispasmodic(usually found in rosemary oil)
  • Calamina (Calcined)– relieves pain, itching, irritation, and discomfort, and contains antiseptic and astringent properties. This ingredient may also reduce the size of the blood vessels, especially in the cases of external and internal hemorrhoids.
  • Borax – clears away heat and remove toxins
  • Succinum (“amber”) –promotes tissue healing and contains antioxidant compound (derived from mineralized pine resin)
  • Petrolatum –moisturizes and heals dry, scaly, itchy, rough skin and other minor skin irritations

You may probably have seen some weird ingredients still listed above. However, they prefer to use synthetic forms as alternative for bizarre stuff like musk deer.


Ideally, these should be the effects of Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream:

  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue (due to Calamina)
  • Reduces heat and inflammation (due to the borates in Borax, compounds in Bovis Calculus, and proteins in Margarita)
  • Relieves hemorrhoid pain – as the effect of reduction of heat, swelling, and inflammation
  • Clears away toxins and removes decayed tissues (due to the Borax and Bovis Calculus)
  • Stimulates new tissue growth and promotes healing (due to Succinum)

Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream generally works fine for three (3) days to (1) week of constant treatment. Its suggested usage is twice a day: in the morning preferably after taking a bath and bowel movement routine, and in the evening before bedtime. Some users tend to forget that they have just applied the cream shortly after, rinsing off the ointment. Give it at least an hour or two to take effect. In addition, of course, one should clean the application site prior to applying the cream(preferably with hemorrhoid wipes containing witch hazel). If no hemorrhoids wipes are available, cleansing it gently with water is enough.


Normal complaints about Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) MuskHemorrhoids Ointment is its pungent scent. It is musky (just imagine clay plus cheap perfume smell) but it is tolerable. Perfumes or colognes may do the trick to mask that musky scent.

Another grievance from users is its hot/cold sensation at the application site especially for first-time users or for those who hardly apply menthol on their skin. It is either you would feel that your rectum is on fire or that Siberian wind is blowing directly on your rectum. That feeling should only last for a few minutes to an hour. That is why it is very important to apply only a small amount during the first usage. This is to examine whether the user could handle that burning cold sensation.

Although the chance is slim to nil, allergic reactions should also be one of the elements to consider when using this product. A skin test is vital prior to regular usage. Again, put on a small amount during the first usage. If in case a suspected allergic reaction or adverse effects arise, stop using the ointment straightaway, wash it off, and consult the doctor if necessary. This just rarely happens though.


Would it be truly effective? It depends. As they say, what works for me may not work for you. We have different biological histories and lifestyle, we eat different foods, and we do different things. The severity or grade of hemorrhoids also plays a very big role. Besides, if the user still experiences constipation or still conducts activities that strain the anal veins, then the use of this cream is of no value. Bad habits would just negate any treatment (even surgery). Make sure to eat foods that are high in fiber, drink plenty of water, and try to avoid strenuous activities.

You won’t know if Mayinglong (Ma Ying Long) could help you unless you try. We sell them here in the Philippines. For further info, feel free to contact us thru any of the means below.

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