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Are you finding ways to make sure that your math answer is correct? Have you experienced being left frustrated due to those numbers? It’s been a long day at your class trying to understand the explanation of your professor. Guess what? You ended up confused. The saddest part: you can’t ask anyone to confirm if your answers are correct. Then, you submit your papers the next day with bad scores. The good news: there are a bunch of useful math tools online that would really help you.

Personally, I’m dealing with math problems of all sorts everyday. One minor mistake with signs would give anyone a huge headache. Let’s say you are almost done with your solution. And when you compared the correct answer with what you have, you can’t figure out where you answered wrong.

I have a good news. There are many tools on the web that may help you deal with your doubts. Here are just few tools and websites that would definitely leave you amazed.

Symbolab is a very powerful free website for almost all detailed math operations. Once you input your equation or inequalities on the text box, you’d be provided with the step-by-step solutions. Its basic free features are the best in the market. In Symbolab, explanations are also shown together with the step-by-step solutions. Unlocking its paid version offers more approach on solving the problems. Its mobile version is also a gem.

As of this posting, their subscription rates are as follows:

  • Back to School Special – $4.99 for 3 months (33% off)
  • Monthly Subscription – $2.49 for each month
  • Annual Subscription – $14.99 for each year (50% off)

If you just want to check your answers or solutions, the free version could be enough.

Mathway is another tool that I open everyday. Unlike Symbolab, Mathway doesn’t offer step-by-step solutions for its free version. However, once you enter your equation or known information, Mathway would give you options to choose from. For example, you entered y = 2sin(x + 3), it would ask you if you need the domain, range, amplitude, and other related information. You may also check the graph of equations or inequalities with this tool. The graphing tool could also display a few plotted points. This is a special thing, especially for angle measures. I usually used Mathway for some problems that are not supported by Symbolab and I just need to know the answer.

useful math tools

If you want to check the step-by-step solutions from Mathway and access its premium features, you need to pay for subscription. It’s a lot pricey than Symbolab but it could support specific operations. As of this writing, the subscription rate is as follows:

  • Basic – Free
  • Premium (Annual) – $79.99/year
  • Premium (Monthly) – $19.99/month
  • Desmos

Desmos is one of the free useful math tools, especially for graphing. You may use Desmos as your graphing calculator, especially if you cannot afford physical graphing calculators. Graphing several functions at the same time using Desmos is also possible. You may identify the functions using different colors. There is also an option to get the table of x and y coordinates given the function. Desmos is especially useful for me as well when scientific calculator is not available. You may also share the graph that you have made using Desmos to your friends. As far as I know, Desmos is totally free!

useful math tools

Other Math Tools that are Worth Checking

  • Wolfram Alpha
    • This is also a free access tool not just for math, but even for other subjects. Just enter your math questions on the text box. You’d be given several information that could be obtained from your question. However, this tool doesn’t offer the full solutions for free. You need to signup for its pro versions:
      • Pro for Students – starting at $4.75/month
      • Pro Premium for Students – starting at $7.99/month
  • eMathHelp
    • This is also the best tools that I have been using regularly, especially for parabolic equation, completing the square, and other problems that may require more details that eMathHelp could only offer.  You could also generate and save graphs from eMathHelp.

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