Quick Guide: Passing Cisco CCNA SECFND (210-250)

I had my Cisco CCNA SECFND (210-250) exam last July 13, 2017 under Cohort 1. I took it together with the SECOPS exam on the same date because I don’t have much time to travel back and forth Manila and Laguna. Besides, my vouchers are about to expire. So, I decided to take a shot.

Others may say that SECFND is easier than SECOPS. The questions are more objective, but there are still some questions that are vague. I encountered exactly 60 questions for my exam. The exam has no labs. When I was taking it, my hands are heavily sweating. I took the SECFND in about 15 minutes, wishing it would end the soonest. And it did.

I got 906 out of 1000 points. The passing score is 825. Believe it or not, my SECOPS score is slightly higher than my SECFND score.

CyberSecurity Scholarship Program

Cisco gave me the opportunity to join the free CyberSecurity Scholarship Program. The program started last December 2016. End for the access of the online material was supposed to be March 2017, but it was extended until April 2017.

The first thing that I needed to finish before proceeding with Lumi Cybersecurity is the “Intro to Cybersecurity” course. It’s mandatory before. I supposed Cisco made it optional now.

You could join the online sessions with the mentor (twice a week). These sessions are also recorded just in case you weren’t able to attend due to busy schedules. There are also forum threads wherein students could post their questions.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to attend to any live sessions and post on any forums due to my tough schedule. Many find it useful though to engage on those conversations.

Videos, lectures (reading materials), lab activities, and section exams are also available.

What materials did I use for the exam preparation?

Read and understand the “Intro to Cybersecurity“, especially for those who are new to this topic. This could also serve as refresher for those who are already familiar. This, however, may take some time to complete.

You may also check out and buy CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide. There are questions at the beginning and end of the chapters. This book summarizes the topics covered in the defunct Lumi Cybersecurity materials. It was a good read if you want to have a clear general understanding of some concept. Take some time to try and understand the practice questions on this book.

The SECFND Study Material from Cisco itself also provides additional information that are possibly focus of the exam.

One of the useful resources that you may check out as alternative is the playlist released by Astrit Krasniqi. Just make sure to check the comment section for any corrections from their viewers.

Topics that I Remember for the Cisco CCNA SECFND (210-250)

Here are the topics that I could remember during the SECFND exam. Please do not take this as the exact thing that you’d see. Remember that I took the SECFND and SECOPS at the same date, so I’m not 100% sure of the overlap.

  1. Types of Attacks (not the exact definition, but you’ll have a certain scenario of an attack and then you need to classify its type)
  2. The cons of encryption
  3. Cisco security devices capabilities, OSI layer, and type of data (NGFW, ISE, etc).
  4. Windows terminologies (virtual address space, registry, etc.)
  5. Linux terminologies (daemons, logs, permissions, etc.)
  6. Host-based tools capabilities and scope (antivirus, HIDS, etc.)
  7. Security monitoring data types characteristics (session data, transaction data, etc.)
  8. Hashing algorithms basic characteristics (MD5, SHA, etc.)
  9. Access controls, security protocols (DACS, MAC, etc.)
  10. Cryptographic keys, digital signature, PKI
  11. Network equipment capabilities (switches, routers, etc.)
  12. CIA triad
  13. Protocols such as NTP, email protocols, DNS, etc.
  14. Chain of custody
Here’s the study material from Lumicybersecurity for the CCNA SECFND 210-250.

These are generally the topics that I have encountered as far as I could remember. Most probably, the exam was already updated. But at least spare some of your time reading these resources. I’ll update this post as soon as I get useful updates.

If you have any questions or need some help, please feel free to send a message via our Contact Us page.

2 thoughts on “Quick Guide: Passing Cisco CCNA SECFND (210-250)”

  1. Hi,

    I also have a fulltime job and find it hard to finish the course. I just wanted to know how did you do this?

    “I just saved each page of the lectures and even the videos so I could go back and review offline.”

    Can you share me what did you do for this please?


  2. Hello Tanya,

    I just saved each page by using a PDF printer program. And then, I combined the PDF files using PDFsam Basic.

    For the videos, sorry, I can’t remember how I exactly extracted the videos. I just can’t recall how the Lumi Cybersecurity page looks like. But I extracted mp4 files (not the swf) directly. You could probably check this link:

    Definitely, I understand the time constraints. It’s actually too late for me to figure out that it’s possible to save the materials. I’ve wasted so much time writing down the notes.

    I hope that helps though.

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