Bangkong Kahoy Valley

Bond with Nature: Bangkong Kahoy Valley

We reached Bangkong Kahoy Valley at around 1 PM. It was just a short day tour, an unforeseen one as usual. The owner of Cafe de Dolores cited Bangkong Kahoy Valley to us when we had our lunch there. In an unexpected turn of event, he’s also the “caretaker” of Bangkong Kahoy Valley, Sir Dion Pullan, a staunch environmentalist.

The road to Bangkong Kahoy Valley is a winding uphill one. From the main Kinabuhayan road, expect a rough, narrow path along the way. If you plan to bring an old car with you, we suggest that you think twice. Check and maintain your vehicle before your travel. Double-check your tires. You may also want to commute. 

Visit for the details on how to get there.

At the entrance, the security staff asked us to pay Php70/person for plain sightseeing. We wrote our names and addresses at the gate. The security staff at the gate informed the parking staff through the two-way radio that we are incoming. Their parking staff met us and asked us to log in again and if we need a guide. Of course, we said no. That is an additional charge to bear. We did not dare ask how much it would cost.

We just took some photos in the spots. It was a weekend, and there are some groups in different areas. Only a few of their staff are amiable (at that time). They hardly smile, perhaps an effect of the exhausting weekend. That’s understandable, though.

We strayed the green fields of Bangkong Kahoy Valley. Yes, the reviews are real. The place is unquestionably cold, verdant, and peaceful. It’s a worthy place for reflection.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley has an honesty shop where you could buy fresh farm crops and souvenirs. It also has a large campsite. Pitching a tent would cost Php120/head. The campground is undoubtedly a cold spot. There were only a few campers at that time. Bangkong Kahoy Valley also has accommodations. Aircondition is not essential (quite apparent on the climate). For inquiries regarding room rates, it would be better to send a message through the contact information posted below.

Nearby the campsite, a small chapel blends with the mood of Bangkong Kahoy Valley. There is also a functional tennis court for sporty guests.

According to its social media page, Bangkong Kahoy Valley offers activities like a zip line (Php120/ride) and horseback riding (Php90/ride).

Alas, none of those seems available at that moment. When we checked the zip line area, it appears as if it’s unused for quite a long time. Also, the hanging bridge has obstruction. There were warnings to use suitable safety gear. However, how could one do that when there is nothing in place to use (unless an extra fee is required, but there is no instruction on how to avail anyways)?

If you want to visit Bangkong Kahoy Valley due to its agricultural projects and sights, let’s say many of the spots there are run-down. When we moved past their nursery area, we had their cracked thoughts that some zombies may grab us. It’s such a dismal sight. They have some raspberries at that time (looks more of the Philippine wild raspberry or sampinit or sapinit, a fruit in the wilds of Laguna and Quezon). They also have a few wild boars. However, seeing them would be tough since dogs were guarding some of their spots.

Many of the sites look beat-up, perhaps because of age (since 2006 according to their FB page). They have this vine-covered pavilion-like place, which seems to indicate how neglected Bangkong Kahoy Valley had been. Its function hall or coffee shop is no longer operational. Above it is a view deck where The sight is undoubtedly awe-inspiring! However, the wooden flight of steps that lead to the view deck was already unsafe. There is another view deck on the second floor of their restaurant. And, it’s more tolerable, though what you’ll see is quite limited only. We also tried to ask whether we could check out the trails near the parking area. However, the staff said that they closed down the hike trails at that time.

Before we left, the staff advised us to go to the viewing tower, a few more meters from the main areas of Bangkong Kahoy Valley. If your motorcycle or bicycle is not apt for rock-strewn trails, then you might want to walk your way there. Unluckily, their staffs perhaps forgot to keep off one of their horses away from the tower’s entrance.

Bangkong Kahoy Valley has been a famous destination for those who have been seeking to breathe the unpolluted air of Mount Banahaw. We could say that our visit there was quite amusing. Bonding with nature is always a great experience. However, we hope that the current condition of this nature retreat would be maintained unconditionally.

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