One Day in Lukong Valley Farm

After we went to see the green grounds of Bangkong Kahoy Valley (BKV), our two-person team went for another day tour at Lukong Valley Farm (LVF), a relatively new tourist attraction at the other side of Dolores, Quezon. Local folks usually compare Lukong Valley Farm with Bangkong Kahoy Valley for a few reasons. First, both are at Dolores, Quezon. Next, both are associated with the spectacular view of Mount Banahaw. Third, both boast themselves as DOT accredited in the area. Just recently, DOT certified LVF as one of the agritourism farms/sites in Calabarzon. Accommodations are also available for both.

Since this article should be about Lukong Valley Farm, let’s focus on that. If you want to know about our relaxing experience at Bangkong Kahoy Valley, you can always visit this link:

We reached Lukong Valley Farm at around 10:30 AM on a weekday. It was drizzling, and we just traveled with our trustworthy Honda Scoopy. We did not attempt to use our car as we have heard that the path to LVF is also steep. Yes, there’s a partial truth to that statement. However, unlike the windy road going to BKV, we mostly traversed uphill roads with slight curves. Its distance from Dolores church is just about 4.4 km. BKV, on the other hand, is 7.9 km from Dolores church. The road to LVF is relatively easy, but they lack the signs pointing to their site.

Do they have a place where you could securely leave your car? Yes, they have enough parking spaces at their primary area and an alternative one just near their lodging place (at the top of the hill).

The entrance fee for a day tour is just Php20/pax. It is irrefutably a bargain. Foods are surprisingly inexpensive. You have to order beforehand, as they have to allocate some time for food preparation. We ordered inihaw na liempo and three plain rice for Php 300. That amount also includes our entrance fees. Since they offer cooked foods, the farm has dining areas. We had our lunch at Kabesang Elias Pavillion. They also have other dining areas such as Casa Mauracia and the other one just beside the stone cottages. Moreover, there are small kubo for reservations.

Most of the personnel of LVF are local farmers from the same place. Their simplicity blends with the rustic feel of Lukong Valley Farm, a relaxing view away from the frazzled look of city dwellers.

Lukong Valley Farm is officially the first chicken farm in the Philippines, their very own “Chicken Park.” Other than chicken, they also have wild boars and birds. They also have dragon fruit fields. Almost a hundred of dragon fruit posts are in place for support. Due to their well-drained soil, these fruits grow abundantly in LVF. They sell these fruits as well as the cuttings. One thing to note also is that there are fewer trees on the farm, making its atmosphere less forested.

They also have an honesty store wherein they retail basic stuff that you could buy from a sari-sari store. It’s located near their office area so you won’t have trouble finding it.

We marched their almost 100-step stairs going to the top of the hill. It is important to note, however, that it is unsafe to use their stairs, as there were no handrails. As we ascend the stairs, the majestic view overlooking the neighboring Quezon towns hailed us. The air above is chiller than below their leading site (but still not as chilly as BKV – on higher altitude). They have a small store with television in that upper area, and there were four (4) stone cottages with verandas facing the enthralling view (Game Room, Bar Room, Reading Room, and Piano Room).

Stone Cottage Rate: Php4,500

Inclusion: 1 to 4 pax, includes breakfast

Bathroom: Yes, one per room

Check-in time: 2 PM on the day of arrival

Check out time: 12 PM on the day of departure

*Note that this rate is subject to change.


Nearby these rooms at the top of the hill is the Statue of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, which stands in their viewing area. At the time of our visit, they have an ongoing construction of their chapel near the lodging area.

Other than the stone cottages, they also offer cheaper options if you are planning an overnight stay. Just at the back of their office are the nipa cottages.

Nipa Rate: Php800

Inclusion: Up to 2 pax

Exclusion: Breakfast

Bathroom: None, common washrooms are available

Check-in time: 2 PM on the day of arrival

Check out time: 12 PM on the day of departure

*The rate is also subject to change.

LVF also has campsite areas where you could pitch a tent for your overnight stay. The rate at the time of posting is Php100/pax.

If you are planning to stay in Lukong Valley Farm, make sure to book ahead of your visit. The rooms and spaces are sure enough limited, and so they would always prioritize those who made prior arrangements.

As we were planning to go home, the rain poured down on us. We ran to Casa Mauricia and stayed there while waiting for the rain to stop. We had a good chitchat with one of their farmers while passing the time. Before we left the place, we talked to the staff in the office. She tipped off that they are gradually adding new features on their farm.

Lukong Valley Farm is a worthy place if you want a hassle-free spot to unwind alone, with your family, or with your friends. They also have areas that were prenuptial photo-friendly. However, like anything, there is always room for improvement. We hope that they would patch up the safety concern that we’ve just brought up regarding their stairs. Also, they could have placed street signs starting from the downtown Dolores so that first-time guests won’t have trouble finding the site. Overall, we highly recommend trying out Lukong Valley Farm.

Contact Details:

Facebook page:

Address: Sitio Lukong Brgy. Pinagdanlayan, Dolores, Quezon

Contact No.: +63 945 114 4357

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