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An Unplanned Visit: Residence Inn Zoo Tagaytay (ZOORI)

Residence Inn Zoo details last updated: November 2019

Tagaytay City is undoubtedly in the wander list of those who want to take a trip in the South Luzon. It’s notable for its fresh breeze and its picturesque spots, overlooking the grandeur of Taal Volcano. Indeed, it’s a great getaway if you plan to flee from nerve-wracking Manila. But, based on what we have suffered last Christmas Day, it’s not prudent to visit Tagaytay City during holiday seasons. Heavy traffic to standstill traffic would ruin your plans.

My husband and I travelled to Tagaytay City last Christmas. As I have mentioned, the traffic condition anywhere in Tagaytay was nasty. We intended to pass the time at Ayala Malls Serin, but it was impractical due to parking difficulties. As a result, we just agreed to have some fun at Sky Ranch. Alas, we got stuck in more massive traffic near its parking entrance. We’re about just to leave Tagaytay City through Nasugbu, Batangas. En route, Residence Inn Zoo (ZOORI) seized our curiosity. Since we haven’t been there, we opted to stop and check the place. There was nowhere to stay in their car park, so my husband pulled over at the wayside.

Entrance fee at the time of our visit is as follows:

Adult: Php249/head

Kids 3ft. to 4ft.: Php199/head

Kids below 3ft.: Free of charge

Residence Inn Zoo (ZOORI) quarters a limited variety of animals. In one of their rooms, freshwater fish, tarantulas, turtles, and snakes (from small to giant Albino pythons and boa constrictors) greeted us.

Right outside of that room, they have monitor lizard and a giant Albino python.

Around ZOORI, you could see different kinds of birds (parrots, owls, and some birds of prey). They also have dromedary camel, horses, musang, tigers, sheep, wild boars, Caiman crocodiles, monkeys, Cassowary, and colourful bird species. At the lower part of the park (quite out of sight), they have a pair of lions and white boar, goats, and birds.

In spite of the excellent climate in Tagaytay City, one could sense that most of the animals in Residence Inn Zoo are distressed and underfed. They look so weary. Their shelters need maintenance. The cages reek, and some of the locks are already rusty, an apparent suggestion that the zoo is not well-kept. You could hardly see some of the animals due to the dirty glasses. The condition of the animals is relatively dismal, despite the high-priced entrance fee.

There are several activities at the zoo. To our surprise, we have to shell out additional fees to enjoy the activities. We assumed that what we paid as entrance fee covers some thrill. But no, we have to pay extra costs. It’s dismay. Since we’re just trying to enjoy on a shoestring, we ditched the idea of trying anything. Photo op with tamed animals would cost you an added fee, as well as their zip lines (no automatic braking system). They offer horseback riding in front of the zoo. Yeah, extra cost applies. Residence Inn Zoo offers scheduled free shows (every weekend).

Horseback riding: Php50/head for three (3) rounds

Zip Line and Cable Ride: Php150/head

Zing Ride (for kids): Php50/head

Bike Ride: Php70 for 30 minutes, Side Car: Php100 for 30 minutes

Animal Encounter Fee/ Photo-op: Php20/head for the birds, Php50/head for the snake

Animal Food Basket: Php20 each

Bird Thrill Feeding: Php10 each

Souvenirs are also accessible on various spots within and outside of the zoo. There are also restaurants inside, facing the majestic view of Taal Lake. If you’re budget-conscious, you could take a look at the food choices outside of the zoo.

There could be many improvements in the Residence Inn Zoo (ZOORI). Since it is one of the closest zoos outside of Manila, it could be a decent place to visit with your friends or families. We just wish that the management would deal with the animals well. I supposed they should also reevaluate their current fees and reconsider taking upkeeps.

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Contact Details:

Facebook page:

Address: Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay City, Cavite

Contact No.: (046) 413-1244 or +63 918 490 1276

Email Address: [email protected]


Hours: 8:00 am – 5 pm; Open daily from Monday-Sunday

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