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Sunrise Cove: A Rustic Summer Getaway at Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan, Batangas is one of the tourist destinations in the Province of Batangas.  It is one of the nearest getaway summer spots near Manila (around 2-3 hours of travel time).  However, it is not as popular as Laiya, Nasugbu, and Anilao being a weekend getaway. In spite of it, Calatagan takes pride with its peaceful community, near white beach and sandbars, and its coral reefs. Industrialization proves to be elusive in Calatagan, Batangas. Therefore, its beach resorts are, for us, less polluted than its neighboring towns of Lian and Nasugbu. But here is Sunrise Cove, a hidden paradise at the tips of Calatagan.

As discussed on our earlier post about our search for paradise from Nasugbu to Calatagan, we ended up to a road to Calatagan after realizing the latest state of Nasugbu beaches.

After passing through Ronco Beach Resort at Barangay Bagong Silang, the paved road ended. Next thing we knew is that we’re driving along 750 meters of gravel road. We stopped at Sunrise Cove, a beach resort at the tip of Calatagan, Batangas.

Parking Area

Sunrise Cove has two parking areas. The lower parking area (paved) is a very steep route. It is closer to Sunrise Cove office. Alternatively, the upper parking lot did not require us as much struggle to settle in. Although it’s quite far from the office and its location obliges us to use the stairs to access our room and the beach part, it’s fine. At least, we don’t have to sweat on the fact that we may not be able to leave the resort.


We signed in the resort at past 2 PM and asked the staff on how much the fee is for an overnight stay on the tree house (an airconditioned room good for 2-3 persons). There is actually another room for two persons (their honeymoon suite). However, I guess tree house sounds more thrilling, so we opted that. As per the staff on the counter, their regular rate is Php3,500 (Php3,600 as of 06 Apr 2019) for a night. We negotiated the fee with the staff as one of them quoted us Php3,000/night a few days before our visit. With no snag, we settled on Php3,000/night since it’s a weekday.

It would be better to surf Agoda or other online booking systems for cut rate prior to your visit. Online price is usually much cheaper than shelling out for the walk-in fee. However, since Sunrise Cove has a very weak data reception, the risk of late validation from the resort exists. That is why it would be better to make a reservation at least a few days before your prearranged vacation (which we missed out to do).

To get the updated rate, click this link.

The Tree House

The included features in the tree house amazed us. We have our own kitchen (with almost complete utensils — for both dining and cooking), fridge, veranda facing the sea, bathroom with hot and cold shower, airconditioned room with one double and one single bed, and own closet.

Their tree house (like all the other rooms) is made of sawali, bamboos, nipa, and coral stones. There is a cabinet inside the room for our stuffs. Just beside the room, there is a washroom/ shower room with heater. The bathroom is a bit small though and may look better with some tiles cleaning. The airconditioner installed in our room seems to be underpowered. It can’t beat the sea breeze even after a few hours of leaving it running. We just appreciated it in the early morning.

We stayed at the Sunrise Cove for just a night. Remarkably, we were the only guests checked in for that overnight stay. The place is peaceful, with just the sounds of the Tokay gecko (tuko) and the sea breeze. We have no television inside the room. Only the Main House Cottage has television. We had no choice but to spend the night with that eerie silence. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sleep well due to one vital concern – our room lock.

We bought some gadgets with us along with other valuable stuffs. And so, we asked for our door lock right after our arrival. To our surprise, they just provided us with one very small padlock (the one used in small lockers). Moreover, the tree house where we stayed doesn’t have a lock from the inside. We just set up a small indicator just in case someone would try to break in our room while we’re asleep. Probably due to strong winds from outside, the setup somehow moved. Due to that security concern, we weren’t able to sleep well.

Another slight concern (but still a substantial one) is the position of the usable power outlet inside the tree house. Oddly, the power outlets are all inside the veranda. We were obliged to stay at the veranda while using our device and charging.


Included in the fee that we paid for is the use of the kitchen, utensils, fridge, and rice cooker. Sunrise Cove has a restaurant and you may order for cooked foods at a slightly high price. The staffs highly recommend that their guests bring or cook their own foods (with absolutely NO corkage fees). Sadly, we don’t have rice to cook (just a can of Spam, a salty egg, some tomatoes, and a bottle of soda). Their staffs even guided us where to buy rice and cooking oil. There are two sari-sari stores within or near the premise of the resort. Buying basic items or even liquors may not be an issue.

The next morning, we just bought 3-in-1 instant coffee from the nearby store. For some reasons, we don’t have an electric water boiler in the tree house. They delivered a boiler in our room and even offered to heat the water for us (which we declined).


The intent of our travel to Calatagan, Batangas is of course to enjoy the tropical beach view. Sunrise Cove has a very countryside feel. The architectural design of the place is a majestic representation of native Filipino feels. The bar, the restaurant, the cabanas, the shaded bamboo rafts, and the sunbathing chairs blend in one theme.

The beach water in Sunrise Cove is see through. But, the crystal waters wash up a significant volume of litters from other islands or from the more densely inhabited sections of Calatagan. There are even diapers and cellphone case washed ashore. As a response to the previous years’ complaint about floating garbage, Sunrise Cove installed a catch net to stop the floating debris and trash. Unfortunately, the water currents still bring trash. To cope with this issue, their maintenance staffs are regularly cleaning their beach. Sunrise Cove in itself is very firm about garbage disposal, spitting, and even disturbing the aquatic organisms.

Sunrise Cove is out-of-the-way. Alongside the Sunrise Cove is an uninhabited-looking property and we did not miss a chance to loiter at its shoreline. We got upset after seeing the amassed rubbish from the sea.

The coastline of Sunrise Cove is just short and narrow, unlike the camping sites in Calatagan, Batangas (like Manuel Uy Beach Resort). Widely evident once you go to their beach area is the abundance of seagrasses. There are also many sea urchins and starfish so make sure to have your footwear ready. Seawater remains to be knee-high only even after walking several meters away from the shore. One would actually have to walk a few hundred meters if you want to swim comfortably. The seagrasses, however, are just a bit off-putting as they tangle on the feet while walking.


Swimming is no wonder an activity that one can do in Sunrise Cove. To manage your expectation, there is no swimming pool inside Sunrise Cove. You can only swim at the beach.

Other activities such as kayaking and bamboo rafting are also available for some fee. You may also rent a banka (a traditional Filipino boat) for an island tour to Starfish Island and the Sand Bar (better to confirm the itinerary with the boatman).

Sunrise Cove is also a good spot for snorkeling. During one of our previous visits, I saw some showbiz celebrities that enjoy snorkeling a few hundred meters away from the shoreline. We were also able to enjoy sunbathing. Several sunbathing chairs were set up at the oceanfront. However, if you are into beach volleyball and the likes, I doubt that you’d enjoy playing one in Sunrise Cove. As cited beforehand, their shoreline is just small.

Also, Sunrise Cove guests could lie down at the cabanas at no extra charge. We had our coffee at the cabana as we watched the sunup. Sunrise is indeed picturesque at Sunrise Cove (as the name implies). The sun rises up at the skyline in front of the beach. However, sunset can’t even be seen from Sunrise Cove. We watched it happen with our drone though.


Sunrise Cove is one of the best spots that we’ve been. It may not be a five-star hotel with sophisticated entertainment and beach parties. But, its splendor lies in its seclusion and its countryside feel. You could really chill out and detox in Sunrise Cove. No wonder, there are also other great beach resorts in Calatagan, Batangas (much better than Sunrise Cove in some aspects). But, Sunrise Cove has this rare ambiance matched with affordable fees. Their staffs are also very accommodating and warm, adding up to the rural feel of the area.

We just wish that the next time that we visit the place, there would be some enhancements in terms of room security, resort accessibility, road conditions, and litter management. Maybe a television for each room will also provide at least an entertainment option since the mobile data signal is very weak (almost nothing) in that spot. Other than those, Sunrise Cove remains to be one of the perfect spots in Batangas.

Contact Details:

Facebook page:
Address:  Bagong Silang, Calatagan, Batangas
Contact No.: +63 917 325 3380 | +63 930 596 0094 | +63 043 806 7921
Email Addresses: [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]
Operating Hours: 24 hours
Office Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (except Sunday)

Note: Sunrise Cove is not responsive via Facebook. Best method to get in touch with them is via their contact numbers or email.

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