Pililla Wind Farm

Surprising Travel to Pililla Wind Farm

And how did we come up with Pililla Wind Farm plan?

Yesterday, my hubby and I thought of going out earlier than usual. In a somewhat rare time, we don’t have to go to Alaminos (the weekly routine). So, we were thinking of where to hang out early the other day. Unfortunately, our plan did not go as planned.

We left San Pablo City at past 1 PM. It was so hot outside, and we don’t know where to go. So I offered him several options: a) Pagsanjan-Sta. Cruz, (b) Batangas City, (c) Tiaong-bound, (d) Sta. Rosa City, (e) Calamba City, (f) stay in San Pablo City. Just as when we are on the junction near Puregold, my hubby went directly to Calauan Road. Back then, we don’t know where to go. It’s too early for a short trip and dinner at Pagsanjan and could be too late for a long journey to Caliraya.

When we were at Victoria, Laguna to gas up, my hubby had a brilliant idea to head towards Pililla. Fortunately, Php50 returned to us in no time when we gassed up Php500. Credits to Shell for your discounted gasoline price! Hail to the economy!

We reached Pagsanjan Laguna at past 2 PM. We had a dilemma. Can we make it to Pililla? It has been ten years since I passed that road. I am having trouble remembering the details. When we were at the intersection of Pagsanjan (left going to Lumban, right heading to Lucena), we asked ourselves the second time. Alright, so we made up our mind. We’ll be going to Pililla windmill. It’s too early for dinner. I checked my Waze, but it isn’t working. So I used Google Maps instead. It’s a good thing that it worked well, despite the signal problem in that area.

We passed by several small Laguna towns.

Lumban, Laguna

The sight of the country’s tallest town marker took me aback. I supposed that was my first time seeing that yellow markers, spelling Lucban, inaugurated last 2015. There are many motorists at that time, so we weren’t able to stop by. We also passed by the way to Caliraya, even a remarkable place.

Kalayaan, Laguna

Kalayaan is a tiny town with just three barangays. It is also a neighbour to Mauban, Quezon.

Paete, Laguna

The sight of the chisel works! Those are history. Paete is one of the historical towns, even in the Spanish era. We’d be dropping by Paete pretty soon to check out their artworks.

Pakil, Laguna

When it comes to arts, Pakil is also made up of historical artworks. So, we’ll also surely visit this place soon.

Pangil, Laguna

Next to Pakil, we passed by the rice fields and farmers. Unfortunately, we did not see the cold rivers of Pangil. Its rivers are one of the finest that I have experienced before.

Siniloan, Laguna

Siniloan is also one of the places close to my heart after months of stay in Pangil and Siniloan.

Famy, Laguna

At last! Famy is one of the busiest places that I have seen along our trip.

Mabitac, Laguna

We can see the turbines from here. But, it seems so far away. My hubby thought of the road condition. When we started to poise at the entry point of that long elevated highway, we know there could be something wrong. We were both thrilled an nervous. One good point: the road is wide and smooth.

Pililla Wind Farm Escapade

At last! Touch down Pililla at around 3:30 PM. There’s one problem: I did not search for Pililla Wind Farm on Google Maps back when the cell signal was strong. To add up to our misery, we don’t have an internet connection. We saw motorists at the side of the road. My hubby decided to ask for the direction of the windmill. Fortunately, we are in the right spot! It’s the entry point (partly rough road and partially cemented). There were just a few tourists in the area.

There are around 2 or 3 stores (2 of which are selling souvenirs) and one selling drinks. We are so dried due to heat. One small drinks is worth Php15.00. We did not buy souvenirs though.

We took a few minutes to talk to the locals. What if the wind is so strong? Shouldn’t everyone be scared that the fans may get disconnected from the bases? As per kuya guard, the turbines would automatically stop.

Another question. How many turbines are there in total in Pililla Wind Farm? According to kuya guard, there are 27 turbines in total. The ones that we’re seeing are just a few. And we can’t even step closer to the towering turbines. About ten minutes travel from our spot, we could find the most number of those fans. Besides, there are no restrictions if you want to do picture-taking on the other zone.

As we looked around, the weather is not so good. Though we want to go to the other zone to maximize our visit, the bad weather condition prevented us. We headed home after less than 15 minutes of stay. See, that’s a bad one. We’ll surely go back there and check most of the turbines!

On our way back, it’s raining down in Laguna. We decided to stop at the mall in Pagsanjan. It was around 4:30 PM. We want to have dinner at Pagsanjan, as we usually do. As you know, it’s too early. So we also went to buy some grocery supplies to pass the time. Oh, we finished at 5:30 PM. It’s still early in the evening. To end the day, we ate at 101 Buffet [Calauan, Laguna].

To note to fellow motorists, be careful and mindful while driving. We have seen a road fight in the middle of nowhere on our way to the windmill. Plus, we saw an accident just when the winding road started.

For more photos of the spot, check out https://www.facebook.com/pilillawindmills/.

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